About NA in Odisha

Narcotics Anonymous meetings started in Odisha in 1993 with the first ever meeting held at Bhubaneswar on 12th of December 1993.

In the first meeting there were a few addicts and one clean member, who were actively and overtly supported by a few non-member well-wishers.

The initial days were very challenging as members would come to the meeting for a few days and then relapse and go back to using. In these circumstances one NA member stood like a pillar of strength and a beacon of hope. He single handedly held NA weekly meetings regularly for 3 continuous years, sometimes with the help of well-wishers and sometimes without. Only in the year 1996 did Odisha area get a few addicts who started attending NA meetings and stayed clean, from thereon.

Till 2000 most members received messages through personal contacts of NA members. Kolkata area members and those from Bombay area supported the nascent Odisha Fellowship with their advice and moral support.

The year 2000-01 was a watershed year in the history of NA Odisha, whence H&I sub committee took root. In the next decade there was an explosive growth in the number of members and the trend continues to this day.

Today NA Odisha has 22 groups holding 24 NA weekly meetings all across Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Bramhapur, Balasore, Khurda, Puri, and Keonjhor. New NA groups have started meetings in Jatni and Rourkela.

Conservative estimates forecast a total of 1000+ members, attending the 24 NA meetings on a weekly basis.

NA Odisha Services through its AREA SERVICE COMMITTEE

  • Hospitals and Institutions meetings in Rehabilitation or De-addiction centers.
  • Public Relations meetings is yet another vital service offered by NA Odisha.
  • Literature Translation is also a vital service provided by NA Odisha as most of the literature available is in English while most members are comfortable in Odia.
  • Helpline Service is yet another vital service offered by NA Odisha. Addicts or well-wishers of addicts can contact our helpline number +91 9776644440 for information about NA and meetings.
  • NA Odisha regularly participates in regional level service SOSONA.

Email ID: naorissa@yahoo.co.in | Helpline Number: +91 9776644440

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